Pa Pae Meditation Retreat 

Located between Chiang Mai and Pai

Practice meditation and learn wisdom with monks

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PHANG NGA Flexible Retreat (near Phuket)

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3 Day Structured Retreat

We currently offer two styles of retreat. The first style is the 3 Day structured retreat which will consist of 4 sessions per day that provide both meditation instruction as well as teachings of practical Buddhist wisdom. This style of retreat will run on the following dates:‌‌

JULY 2024
8th - 11th July (arrive afternoon of July 8th before 5pm) - FULL

16th - 19th July (arrive afternoon of July 16th before 5pm)

28th - 31st July (arrive afternoon of July 28th before 5pm)

‌AUGUST 2024
5th - 8th August (arrive afternoon of August 5th before 5pm) ‌ ‌

11th - 14th August (arrive afternoon of August 11th before 5pm) ‌ 

‌‌23rd - 26th August (arrive afternoon of August 23rd before 5pm)

‌(dates will be open to apply on July 18th)

2nd - 5th September (arrive afternoon of September 2nd before 5pm) ‌ ‌

13th - 16th September (arrive afternoon of September 13th before 5pm) ‌ ‌

‌24th - 27th September (arrive afternoon of September 24th before 5pm)

‌‌We will post updates for future retreat dates 1 - 2 months in advance.

‌ For more info and to apply, click the button below to fill out our application form.

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Flexible Retreat

If you are not available for any of the dates mentioned above or would prefer a more free schedule, then we are also welcoming people who want to come meditate to stay with us in a more relaxed setting. This style will offer participants 1 scheduled teaching and guided meditation each day. In addition to this, participants are welcome to join in on our morning and evening chanting and meditations, alms round, and other activities we do as a community. Participants are welcome to stay for whatever duration is most suitable for them. For more info and to apply, click the button below to fill out our application form. 
Important Note: to avoid disrupting the 3 day program, please do your best to arrive at the end of the structured retreat date. If future dates are unknown, it is no problem you can apply to join any day.

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Belgium 3-Day Meditation Retreat
‌We are also offering our retreat in Europe! We kindly ask that only those who are committed to 
‌participating in the full program apply for this retreat as space is limited.

The dates will be:
‌26th September - 29th September (arrive afternoon of September 26th before 5pm)

‌For more info and to apply, click the button below to fill out our application form.

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Reconnect with nature

The importance of a retreat

Join us for this inside glimpse into the breathtaking natural scenery, the warm community, and the sacred guidance delivered by monks that have helped countless participants touch true inner peace and self-discovery while attending a retreat with us. 

Middle Way Meditation

How do you find the balance between effort and relaxation? The Middle Way meditation method practiced here can give you some insight into this. If you'd like to listen to some instructional audio about this method and follow along with guided meditations, click the link below. 

How to Meditate (audio guidance)

For more comprehensive guidance about how to meditate, click the link below to get access to a free 1 & 3-Day video-led meditation retreat that can be watched at home individually or with friends! Includes a manual & schedule with tips about how to set up your environment properly. 

How to Meditate (VDO-led retreat)

reconnect with yourself

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